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Our team 

We are a team of ambitious and self-motivated people! In our #dreamTeam we have room for everyone. In Orienta you can combine work with studies, with being a parent, with the desire for continuous development. We know perfectly well that every employee is also (or perhaps first of all) a human being! We support each other every day and give each other new ideas. Brainstorming is the best way to solve any problem - you can safely raise your doubts with us, and we will surely find a solution together. Every employee has a real impact on the development of the company and the implementation of new ideas! 

Not only work... 

Man does not live by work alone... We are interested in cultivating good relations between employees. We come from Italy, so every year we organise company conventions in different regions of this beautiful country. It is a time for training, integration with Italian colleagues, but also for visiting and tasting excellent Italian cuisine. So, if in addition to recruitment you like good food and getting to know new cultures - YOU ARE WELCOME!!! 






Individual talents 

Most of us are all-round consultants, but each of us has additional strengths related to individual talents and preferences that we try to use during our daily work. For example, we have a talented graphic designer, a copywriter, a passionate internet marketer or an organised specialist in employment law and employee documents. Some of them excel as HeadHunters, others in mass or international recruitment. Everyone has the opportunity to learn about the various recruitment processes and find the 'department' they feel best in.